Our services


How can we help you?

When helping new parents, our goal is to provide clear, uncomplicated, evidence-based information in a way that not only works best for each individual family, but also supports them with a positive way forward.


We partner with many different traditional and holistic health care practitioners in the Region and can provide other options for assistance if need be.


We offer home visits throughout the GTA and surrounding regions (mileage fees where applicable) and also conveniently offer weekly clinic visits, if more desirable.

Some of the most common ways we support Mom’s and Baby’s are:

  • non-latching babies

  •  latch issues

  • supply issues

  • weight gain concerns

  • breast and/or nipple pain

  • tongue tie/structural challenges

  • premature babies

  • gas/colic issues

  • fussy babies

  • pumping

  • exclusive pumping

  • bottle feeding

  • formula feeding

  • multiples

  • …and so on



Please contact us for more information on our fees, packages and services: 647.200.5880

What can you expect?

Here's an overview of what you can expect in your first private visit and follow up care. 

First Visit (1.5-2hrs)

  1. Review of maternal and infant health history, birth and breastfeeding experience to date
  2. Physical assessment including mother’s breasts, baby’s oral and structural anatomy
  3. Weight check for baby which includes a naked weight, and pre- and post-feeding weights
  4. Observation of a feed, assessment, and a feeding plan making sure to meet a mom’s feeding goals
  5. Ongoing follow-up care via text, email and/or phone (suggestion may be to do a follow up visit)
  6. Visits can be done at home or in hospital, even on Day 1 of life

Follow-up Visit(s) (45mins-1.5hrs)

  1. Assessment of progress, goals, any new issues
  2. Reevaluation of feeding plan
  3. Weight check for baby, which includes a naked weight (to see how baby is progressing since last visit), and pre- and post-feeding weights
  4. Ongoing follow-up care via text, email and/or phon

Workshops + Classes

Prenatal breastfeeding classes (1.5-2hrs)

A variety of topics will be covered in prenatal breastfeeding classes:

  • the benefits of skin-to-skin and how this not only helps with successful breastfeeding but also establishing a strong connection/bond with your new baby
  • how breastmilk is produced and how to ensure and maintain a good supply
  • how to hand express and pumping protocols, if necessary
  • what to expect in the first few days and what normal newborn breastfeeding behavior looks like
  • establishing a good latch and a review of breastfeeding positions
  • identifying if your baby is getting enough milk, if there are issues with supply and solutions
  • normal baby behavior, such as growth spurts, cluster feedings, fussy times, etc.